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MOS Certification Got Me a Job at 15!

Certifiably confident, and rightfully so! In a recent interview with a past MOS US National Championship competitor, we were surprised to see just how much certification can change a student’s perspective on more than just technology. Ashley Masters, a senior at Kalama High School in Washington state, former MOS US National Championship competitor and FBLA […]

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Making a Difference Through Certification

Making a Difference Through Certification

Job Search As I prepared to graduate from Brigham Young University last December, I promised myself that I would only go to work for a company that was doing something good for the world. In addition to that requirement, I also wanted to find a job that would give me the opportunity to do international […]

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What Is It That You Do When You Do What You Do?

One of the most common questions I am asked when meeting new people is “where do you work?” My well-rehearsed response—I work at Certiport based out of American Fork [Utah] where we develop and market certification exams—inevitably prompts the dreaded follow-up question: “Oh, and what do you do there?” Although I dread it, this is […]

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I’m Already an Expert; Why Would I Need Certification?

My name is Stephen McSweeney, and I’m proud to be a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certified Master. I’ve worked here at Certiport in various capacities since 2005, and am currently the Vice President of Strategic Accounts. I have long considered myself a digital literacy expert; my background is in educational IT, having taught related courses […]

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