New Zealand Student with Autism Achieves Certification Success

We recently heard a fantastic story of a young man from Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand from our partner in that region, XCERIO.  Luke Kneebone deals with the challenges of autism and has found great pride and success through Microsoft Office Specialist certification.  His parents and teacher, Sandy Anderson, shared the following details with Certiport.

Luke is a 16-year-old boy who was diagnosed with autism at age 2 ½ and only liked a few people in his early years.  At age 8 he was mainstreamed in school but he was quite unhappy.

Luke was later enrolled at Havelock North High School in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand as a year 8 student and completed a year 9 course with the assistance of a full-time teacher’s aide.  The following year he repeated the year 9 course which worked very well for him.  His mother Brenda shared, “I could finally breathe – I knew he was going to be taken care of.  My boy – not special enough for a special needs school but too special for the mainstream.”

Luke continued to have a full-time teaching aide but when he took a Computing class with Sandy Anderson, they found that the involvement of the aide was minimal. Mrs. Anderson told Luke about Microsoft Office Specialist certification and encouraged him to do the training and examination in consultation with his Digital Technology teacher.

Luke found it hard to study for and pass the first MOS certification.  He struggled to stay focused but with the support of his teachers and parents he found great satisfaction using GMetrix practice tools provided by XCerio to hone his MOS skills.  He enjoyed this type of online learning and excelled.

The first-time Luke took an MOS exam he came in twice during the school holiday to sit for the examination – and passed.  Mrs. Anderson said, “When each student passes their MOS examination we give them a Moro chocolate bar – and every time Luke would sit for an exam he would say ‘I am going to get that Moro bar Mrs Anderson.’  He was so determined.”

Luke has now passed three MOS exams – Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Luke Kneebone yr 11

Mrs. Anderson said, “Luke is always 100 percent focused on his learning and is keen to please.  He showed great fortitude and determination while doing the training in preparation for the three MOS examinations he has achieved.”

Luke likes the fact that he can create things now using the Microsoft Office programs.  He uses Microsoft Office for his schoolwork in a variety of subjects and he thinks the MOS certification will benefit him in the future by helping him get a job.

Certiport, Havelock North High School, his parents and his teachers are all very proud of what Luke has achieved to date!  Next year as a year 12 student he will work towards the Microsoft Access MOS certification.

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  1. Jon Bob Newbery March 29, 2017 at 4:50 pm #

    WOW!! This is so cool Luke!! Awesome work!! You’ve got a bright future ahead of you. Keep going, the world is your oyster!

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