Microsoft Certifications delivered by Certiport

Certiport is proud of all of the certifications that we offer, including Adobe, HP, Intuit, AutoDesk, CompTIA and of course Microsoft.  Over the years, we have grown from a small company that launched in 1997 to a company that delivers more than 2 million exams per year.


Microsoft Office Specialist is the only official, globally recognized certification for the Microsoft Office Suite.  The MOS portfolio is not limited to the three most used Office programs (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).  Outlook and Access have been part of the portfolio for years while both SharePoint and OneNote have just been added with the Office 2010 release.

A perfect candidate for the MOS certification is any student that uses or will use the Microsoft Office tools in school and any employee that must manage emails, track data points, or share a presentation.  The truth is, nearly everyone would benefit from completing and passing a MOS exam.

I’ve never been a great test taker.  Whenever the exam is all multiple choice, I know I will talk myself out of my first choice or I will twist the words around in the question so that several answers will work.  The first MOS exam I took didn’t rely on how I would interpret the questions or answers.  Many of the Microsoft Office Specialist exams include simulations – meaning I would get the answer right if I went through the steps to get the desired outcome.  Oh, sure, there are multiple choice questions.  But the exams are not a test of memorization.  They are a test of your skills and your understanding of the program.

The MOS exams test the candidate on skills that are necessary to be proficient in each program. The level of proficiency validated by a MOS certification strengthens a student’s or employee’s resume. If the candidate is up for a challenge or is interested in a career that requires in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Word or Excel, the skills needed to pass the Expert exams are a must.



Two years ago, Microsoft launched a new certification to the academic markets through Certiport.  These exams are the first steps towards a lucrative career in technology.  MTA is the entry-level foundation of the technical certification stack within Microsoft.  It includes a  Developer pathway, IT Professional pathway and a Database Administrator pathway.

Microsoft’s known worldwide for their technical certification stack that includes Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist and their Microsoft Certified Master.   In order to become certified as a MCTS, you have to have a foundation and working knowledge of the programs.  MTA is the best way to prepare you for this esteemed certification.  By becoming certified as an MTA, you will determine your aptitude for IT before making a large financial and time commitment.

Microsoft states, “Students should start with MTA certification. MTA certifications validate students have the fundamental knowledge essential to succeed with their continued studies and certifications and to build successful careers in technology. This foundational certification allows the student to explore career options.  The MTA can be earned in one semester or less and the student and the student will be able to promote himself/herself for an entry level IT career.”

Stay tuned for more information on the other certifications offered by Certiport.


Of the Microsoft Office Specialist exams, which one do you think would require the most preparation to pass?


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3 Responses to Microsoft Certifications delivered by Certiport

  1. Dave Hansen May 10, 2012 at 11:33 pm #

    It is interesting to note that many law firms and other professional services firms are looking for job seekers that have their MOS certification.

    Even when employers don’t ask specifically for MOS certification, most jobs require some level of expertise in Microsoft Office.

    Having an internationally recognized credential from Microsoft validating your Office proficiency is certainly a great way to stand out in our competitive job market.

  2. Rob Moore May 11, 2012 at 4:56 pm #

    For me the MOS exam requiring the most preparation would be the Excel Expert exam.

    From taking other MOS exams I’ve learned that working toward an end goal of certification sharpens and speeds up the learning experience.

    Microsoft apps are the tools most digital natives use to ply their trade in the 21st century. Most knowledge workers like me spend most of our day in email (Outlook); creating, reviewing and archiving documents (Word & OneNote), presenting ideas (PowerPoint); storing and analyzing data (Access & Excel), and collaborating with co-workers and partners (Office & SharePoint).

    If you spend any part of your day working in a Microsoft Office application, then MOS certification will definitely make you more productive and confident with the tools you use every day.

  3. Extra April 6, 2015 at 11:33 pm #

    No way! this is awesome, thanks for this thanks a lot! 😀

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