Certiport Presents the 2017 Adobe Certified Associate World Champions


In its 5th year, the 2017 Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) World Championship attracted more than 110,000 candidates from 67 countries to prove their superior digital communications skills. Ana Katarina Charvet from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA won the top prize out of 47 finalists who came to the final round of competition at the Disneyland Resort Hotel in Anaheim, California, USA from July 31 – August 2, 2017.

The 2017 ACA World Champions are:

  • First place: Ana Katarina Charvet, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • Second place: Elliot Tawns, Australia
  • Third place and People’s Choice Award: Yi-An Chen, Taiwan
  • Fourth place: José Antonio Martínez Caballero, Mexico
  • Fifth place: Soham Khatadare, India
  • Sixth place: Alyson Janina Vidal Silva, Chile
  • Seventh place: Franz Felipe Otiniano Camino, Peru
  • Eighth place and People’s Choice Award: Yi-Jing Lin, Taiwan
  • Ninth place: Angel Patricio Canales Cifuentes, Chile
  • Tenth place: Arisara Kotchatin, Thailand

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