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Another WWC Story

By Alex Bainbridge I had been hoping to qualify for Certiport’s competition for several months. Finally knowing that I made it to the competition made me feel amazing; however, I was in disbelief when I learned that I had qualified and won the US title for Microsoft Excel 2010.  I set out to do something […]

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A WWC Story

By Rachel Velasco Last year I was looking to protect my younger brother, who is autistic, so I decided to be a tutor in a Microsoft Office class he was taking at our high school in Waxhaw, North Carolina.  The teacher, Ms. Wright, felt that I was knowledgeable about the Microsoft Office programs and encouraged […]

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Perspectives on WWC/GPS 2012

Last week, Certiport hosted two very important events. The first event was the Global Partner Summit, where many of Certiport’s international partners came to discuss how to be better businesses. The second event was the Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office. Over 130 students from all over the world came together to compete. The fastest and […]

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A Student’s Perspective of the Certiport Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office

From the moment I learned I was a US Representative for the Certiport Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office, I began imagining the fun I would have and the people I would meet. After only two days here in Las Vegas, it’s safe to say my expectations have been exceeded. Having never been this far west, […]

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Is your school a Microsoft IT Academy?

What is a Microsoft IT Academy?         An IT Academy is a College and Career ready Education Program.  It is designed for all academic institutions that want to educate their students on technology and have the skills needed to get certifications.  These certifications provide the student with proof that they have understood and […]

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