Big Data Means Big Opportunities

Big Data is a term that describes the exponential growth and availability of data. The amount of data that businesses are collecting, and entrusted with, is growing at a phenomenal rate. It is estimated that by the year 2020 the digital universe will have grown to 44 times its size in 2009*. Simply stated, businesses must employ a data security, management, and analysis plan in order to stay compliant and competitive. With so much growth in these fields, businesses are finding it difficult to employ qualified candidates.

Is your data curriculum preparing students for these increasing real-world challenges? The MTA Database Fundamentals exam bridges this skills gap and prepares students for the growing number of jobs being created by Big Data, and validates that knowledge with an industry recognized certification.

To learn more about the resources available to teach and certify in MTA’s Database Fundamentals exam, and to take advantage of a free practice exam, click here.



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